Home & Investment Loans

The Right HOME LOAN for you:

Finance Mart is a team of dedicated finance professionals & Mortgage Broker in Orange NSW, Australia. Which provides a wide range of home loan solutions for you, including :

Basic Home Loan

A no-frills home loan with a low variable interest rate and little or no fees. This type of home loan is useful for borrowers who don’t want all the bells and whistles, and would rather focus on lowering their home loan repayments and ongoing costs.

Introductory Rate Home Loan

Also known as a honeymoon rate loan, it offers an initial lower interest rate for those looking to minimise payments in the short term.

Construction Loan

A home loan where funds are accessed as they are required at the various stages of building your home or investment property.

First Home Buyer Loan

Intended to ease first home buyers into the repayments and the costs of buying a first home. FinanceMart also assists first home buyers with their First Home Owners Grant applications.

Investment Loan

A tax effective loan to assist when purchasing your investment property.

Line of Credit

A loan with an approved limit which can be borrowed in part or up to the approved limit. It is commonly referred to as a revolving line of credit, because as the debt is paid down the approved limit remains the same, and the debt can later be re-drawn up to the approved limit.

Split Loan

A loan arrangement where you can split the borrowings between both a fixed rate loan and a variable rate loan at the same time. This can assist in managing risk.

Redraw Facility

A loan feature which permits you to make additional repayments to reduce the loan amount and minimise the interest, with the option to redraw the additional funds at any time.

Offset Account Or All In One Account

The offset account is a transaction account linked to an eligible home loan. The credit funds in your offset account are then used to offset the amount you owe on the home loan and you will only be changed interest on the difference. It is intended to utilise available credit funds to minimise the interest payable on the loan.

Bridging Loan

A short term loan, usually interest only, and generally used to effect the purchase of a 2nd property, before the sale of your 1st property has occurred. The bridging loan later clears after your 1st property has sold.


If you think you are paying too much on your existing home loan and investment home loan, call us today for an obligation free second opinion. Low rate solutions are our speciality.


Novated leasing

This is a popular car finance option for employees. A Novated Lease is a vehicle lease agreement between you, your employer and a finance company. Novated Leasing is also known as car salary packaging or salary sacrifice. Entering into a Novated Lease means that your employer agrees to pay your vehicle lease payments out of your pre-tax salary.

Finance lease

Lease the vehicle or equipment your business needs with no upfront deposit, with flexible terms to match your cash flow requirements. A finance lease is a way of providing business finance for vehicles, plant and equipment – effectively a leasing company (the lessor) buys the asset for the user (usually called the hirer or lessee) and rents it to them for an agreed period.

Hire Purchase

Purchase that business vehicle or equipment you need for your business via hire purchase contract whereby finance is provided to acquire that business asset by paying an initial instalment (e.g. 40% of the total) and then repaying the other part of the cost of the business asset over a period of time or term for a contract.

Chattel Mortgage

Also known as an equipment loan which lets your business borrow funds to buy a car or equipment for business purposes.


To fund the purchase of a commercial property or business expansion, FinanceMart can evaluate your proposal, find the most suitable solution and apply for a loan on your behalf.

We have extensive commercial lending experience and existing key relationships with many commercial lenders to leverage for your benefit, with a wide range of solutions including:

  • Commercial loans
  • Business loans
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Term loans
  • Small business lending


Some people use their SMSF to invest in property.

SMSFs are a legal tax structure with the sole purpose of providing for your retirement. SMSFs are regulated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

After obtaining advice from an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holder, usually your accountant, we can then assist you arrange a SMSF loan for that commercial or residential property purchase.


Nick Dentrinos has access to a panel of lenders through National Mortgage Brokers Pty Ltd (ACN 093 874 376 / Australian Credit Licence 391209), which is a fully-owned subsidiary of Liberty Financial Pty Ltd (ACN 077 248 983 / Australian Credit Licence 286596).  Nick Dentrinos has access to products including those from Liberty Financial.